Pinnacle Trikes is run by Ty Chaffey-Jones and was created in response to a need to supply fast and affordable HPV race trikes for the HPV racing team ExPats Racing. From the experience gained from over 10 years of  racing and competing at HPV events all around Australia - with more than a fair share of success - Ty has gradually improved the vehicles to the point where as more and more people asked him to build vehicles it made sense to formalise things and thus Pinnacle Trikes was born in 2007.

With some other commerical HPV manufacurers asking over $9000 for a race trike our mission is to take the lessons we learn from racing all around the country and build competitive, and affordable, alternatives to the existing run-of-the-mill HPV trikes currently available. So whether you're looking for a bare frame, a complete trike, a fairing, or a complete race ready vehicle, give us a call we'd love to help you become more involved and more competitive in the wonderful world of HPV riding and racing.